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Books About Aid for Female Students

  1. APA, A Directory of Selected Scholarship, Fellowship, and Other Financial Aid Opportunities for Women and Ethnic Minorities in Psychology and Related Fields, American Psychological Association, 1995. A short (37 page) booklet listing 52 awards and programs. Single copies are available for free from Women's Programs Office, Public Interest Directorate, American Psychological Association, 750 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242.

  2. Better Late Than Never: Financial Aid for Older Women, Women's Equity Action League, Washington, DC, 19??. $3. Out of print.

  3. Melissa Blouin and Deborah C. Fort, Grants at a Glance --- A Directory of Funding and Financial Aid Resources for Women in Science, 2nd edition, Association for Women in Science (AWIS), Washington, DC, 1992. ISBN 0-96345-901-5. 115 pages. Grants, scholarships, fellowships, and awards for female scientists and engineers. Primarily for post-doctoral students (and beyond), but includes some listings for pre-doctoral and undergraduate students. This publication is revised periodically; the first edition was in 1987 and the second edition in 1992. To order a copy, call 1-202-408-0742 or write to Association for Women in Science, 1522 K ST NW #820, Washington, DC 20005-1202.

  4. Doris M. Bruce-Young and William C. Young, The Higher Education MoneyBook for Women and Minorities, Young Enterprises International, Inc., Washington, DC, 1997. ISBN 0-9639490-1-2 ($25). 413 pages. A directory of scholarships, fellowships, grants, and loans for female and minority students. Lists the address, a brief description, the award amount, the deadline, and phone and fax numbers for each award. Includes chapters on federal programs, general undergraduate programs, undergraduate programs by major, general graduate programs, graduate programs by major, general postdoctoral programs, and postdoctoral programs by academic area. The book includes alphabetical, geographical, and keyword indexes. Includes more than 1,500 listings. (Counting repeats, the total is over 2,100.) To order a copy, call 1-202-829-0039, fax 1-202-829-7809, or write to Young Enterprises Int'l Inc., 5937 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20011.

  5. Marguerite J. Dennis, Complete College Financing Guide 1995, 3rd edition, Barron's Education Series, Inc., Hauppauge, New York, 1995. ISBN 0-81201-635-1 ($14.95 plus $2.32 shipping in the US or $15.69 for overseas shipping). 282 pages. Revised edition of Dollars for Scholars. In addition to providing an overview of financial aid, this book covers federal and state aid, financial planning, EFC calculations, loan counseling, college costs and financial aid, alternative loans, employer tuition assistance programs, and cutting college costs. It also includes a list of programs for veterans, graduate students, minority students, female students, disabled students, and health professions. One chapter is devoted to funding for international students wishing to study in the US. To order a copy, call 1-800-645-3476 or write to Barron's, 250 Wireless Blvd., Hauppauge, NY 11788.

  6. Directory of Federal R&D Agencies' Programs to Attract Women, Minorities, and the Physically Handicapped to Careers in Science and Engineering, National Science Foundation, Washington, DC, 1988. Free. Lists more than 40 federally sponsored programs.

  7. Rachel Dobkin and Shana Sippy, Educating Ourselves: The College Woman's Handbook, Workman Publishing, New York, 1995. ISBN 1-56305-559-7 ($14.95). 640 pages. A good guide for female college students, covering a variety of topics from roommates to reproduction. Includes a 29-page chapter about financial aid and a 28-page chapter about personal finances. Lists only a handful of awards. To order a copy, write to Workman Publishing Company, Inc., 708 Broadway, New York, NY 10003.

  8. Dollars for College - Women in All Fields, Garrett Park Press, Garrett Park, Maryland, 1997. ISBN 1-880774-20-8 ($6.95 + $1.50 shipping). Approximately 70-90 pages long, this booklet is revised every 18 months. To order a copy, call 1-301-946-2553 or write to Garrett Park Press, PO Box 190, Garrett Park, MD 20896.

  9. Martha Merrill Doss (ed), Directory of Special Opportunities for Women, Garrett Park Press, Garrett Park, Maryland, 1990. $18.00. 290 pages. Covers educational and career opportunities, peer counseling programs, and more than 1,000 organizations which provide help to women to enter or re-enter the workforce. To order a copy, call 1-301-946-2553 or write to Garrett Park Press, PO Box 190, Garrett Park, MD 20896.

  10. Julie Kuhn Ehrhart and Bernice R. Sandler, Financial Aid: A Partial List of Resources for Women, 4th edition, Association of American Colleges, Washington, DC, 1991. $2.50. To order a copy, write to Association of American Colleges, 1818 R Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009.

  11. Foundation Center, Grants for Women and Girls, Foundation Center, New York, October 1996. $75.00. Order code WG96. 270 pages. Includes grants for education. To order a copy, call 1-800-424-9836 or 1-212-620-4230 or write to the Foundation Center, 79 Fifth Avenue, Department XL, New York, NY 10003-3076.

  12. Joseph H. Horton, Grants, scholarships, fellowships, loans: Selected financial aid and other opportunities to help minorities, women, and high school students achieve their educational goals, 1st edition, J. H. Horton, Lewisville, North Carolina, 1992. 195 pages.

  13. Ann Juliano Jawin, A woman's guide to career preparation: Scholarships, grants, and loans, Anchor Books, Garden City, New York, 1979. ISBN 0-38514-031-2 ($5.95). 355 pages.

  14. Lisa M. Muto and Paul A. Bohlmann, The Harvard College Guide to Grants, Office of Career Services, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1994. ISBN 0-943747-14-7 ($13 + $2 shipping and handling in US, $10 shipping and handling for overseas orders). 304 pages. This book provides general information about grantsmanship for college students and recent graduates and detailed information about the major national grant and fellowship competitions. It also includes information about grants for study in the US (organized alphabetically within arts, humanities, science, social science, and unrestricted categories), grants for study overseas (by geographic area), internships, and an extensive bibliography. There are sponsor and student characteristic indexes, as well as a separate index for women and minority students. The book lists a total of 253 awards. To order a copy, write to Publications, Office of Career Services, Harvard University, 54 Dunster St., Cambridge, MA 02138 or call 1-617-495-2595.

  15. NSF, A Selected List of Fellowships and Other Support Opportunities for Advanced Education for U.S. Citizens and Foreign Nationals, National Science Foundation, Washington, DC, 1993. NSF Publication 93-147. Lists fellowships. 76 pages. Available for free on the World Wide Web. Revised periodically; the previous edition was published in 1988.

  16. Cynthia Navaretta, Guide to Women's Art Organizations and Directory for the Arts, 2nd edition, Midmarch Associates, New York, 1982. Covers multi-arts centers, organizations, galleries, groups, activities, networks, publications, archives, slide registries, emergency funds, artists' colonies, grants and fellowships, health hazards, art business resource and information agencies.

  17. Claudio R. Prieto, Higher Education Opportunities for Minorities and Women -- Annotated Selections, US Department of Education, Office of Higher Education Programs, Washington, DC 20202-5153, 1996. ISBN 0-16-045218-X ($8.00). 105 pages. This publication includes a bibliography, a list of opportunities for minority and female undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students, organized by academic area, with a separate list of general programs. Despite the 1996 revision date, some of the information is old and inaccurate. There are even errors about some of the US Department of Education's own programs! The coverage is also rather uneven. This publication is by no means comprehensive. To order a copy, write to Superintendent of Documents, Mail Stop: SSOP, Washington, DC 20402-9328.

  18. Gail Ann Schlachter, Directory of Financial Aids for Women 1995-1997, Reference Service Press, San Carlos, California, 1995. ISBN 0-91827-627-6 ($45 plus $4.50 p&h). 478 pages. Includes more than 1,000 scholarships, fellowships, loans, and internships programs for female pre-doctoral and post-doctoral students. To order a copy, call 1-415-594-0743, fax 1-415-594-0411, or write to Reference Service Press, 1100 Industrial Road, Suite 9, San Carlos, CA 94070-4131.

  19. Sheila Sylvester, Educational Financial Aids: A guide to selected fellowships, scholarships, and internships in higher education, American Association of University Women, Washington, DC, 1981. $4.00. 35 pages. Out of print. For more information call 1-202-785-7700 or write to American Association of University Women, 1111 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20036-4809.

  20. The Women's Collegiate Sports Scholarship Guide, Women's Sports Foundation, New York, 1993. $3.00. A list of college-controlled athletic scholarships for female students. To order a copy, call 1-800-227-3988 or 1-516-542-4700, or write to Women's Sports Foundation, Eisenhower Park, East Meadow, NY 11554.

  21. O'Neal Turner and John Pivovarnick, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting into College, Alpha Books (Macmillan), Indianapolis, 1994. ISBN 1-56761-508-2 ($14.95). 356 pages. This book includes a 30-page chapter of very basic and slightly dated information about financial aid. To order a copy, call 1-800-716-0044 or 1-317-228-4366, fax 1-800-882-8583 or 1-317-228-4304, write to Macmillan Publishing, 201 West 103rd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46290, or send email to You can also write to Alpha Books, 201 W. 103rd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46290 or call 1-800-428-5331.

  22. Linda Watkins and Jessie Ramey, Fellowship guide for students of color and women 1990-1991, Carnegie Mellon University, 1990.

  23. Your Money and Your Life: Financial Planning for Low-Income Working Women, Women's Educational Equity Act Program Publishing Center, Newton, Massachusetts, 1985. $13.00 plus $2.00 postage and handling. Covers financial planning, including attitudes about money, tips for saving money, finding financial aid for education, and locating quality child care. To order a copy, call 1-800-225-3088 or write to EDC, 55 Chapel Street, Newton, MA 02160.

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