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Quick EFC Calculator


This form is used to prepare an approximation of the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). The results are only an approximation of the Federal EFC figure that is calculated when you file the FAFSA form.

This calculator omits those input variables that have a relatively minimal impact on the EFC results, substituting average values. This yields a much simpler but also less accurate calculator. The results are likely to be within $500 of the correct results for typical students.

This calculator is intended primarily as an educational tool, to help students and parents understand the major variables that affect student aid eligibility, while hiding the less important variables.

If you need a more accurate calculator, please use FinAid's Financial Aid Estimation Form, which implements the Federal Need Analysis Methodology.

This is a free service. We do not retain any record of the information you submit using this form, and have taken steps to ensure your privacy.

If you prefer to do the calculations yourself, one-page EFC estimation worksheets for calculating a variation on the QuickEFC estimates were included in the FastWeb College Gold book.

Table Year:
Dependency Status: Dependent Student
Independent Student
Age of Older Parent:
Number in Family:
Number of Children in College:
Student Income:
Student Assets (Business/Farm):
Student Assets (Other):
Parent Income:
Parent Assets (Business/Farm):
Parent Assets (Other):

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